The Goddess Coatlicue

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Environmental Renewal and Femicide in Homero Aridjis’ La leyenda de los soles
Adela Ramos […]

When Borges was Director of the National Library

María Esther Vázquez […]

Milton in Puebla, Mexico

Angelica Duran […]


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compiled by Flaminia Ocampo, Salvador San Juan and Lila Zemborain […]

The Spanish Issue

A Note from the Editors […]

Editorial Staff

Publisher and Managing Editor:
U.S. Dhuga (Toronto)
Editor: Ben Mazer (Boston)
Issue Editors: Mario Murgia (Mexico City), Flaminia Ocampo (Buenos Aires)
Associate Editor: Robert Archambeau (Chicago)
Contributing Editors:
Philip Nikolayev (Boston), Todd Swift (London), Peter Behrman de Sinéty (Paris), Ann Fallon (Dublin), Petya Ivanova (Geneva), Marcel Inhoff (Germany), Jeet Thayil (India), Dan Sociu (Romania), Angela D’Ambra (Italy)
Production Manager:
Zachary Bos (Pen & Anvil)

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