The most famous expert bettors out of them all

Im A Professional Sports Bettor Ask Me Anything

A bet on the underdog team grants the bettor the point spread. For example, an underdog team may be bet as +4, meaning it has four points added to its final score for purposes of determining the winning bettor. A −4 bet on a favoured team wins only if that team wins by over four points .

Staking is a personal preference, based on your risk tolerance and overall betting goals. Your staking method directly influences your maximum drawdown percentage as well as your profit potential. Building a staking plan is a huge, important topic, that is often neglected by inexperienced bettors. The flood of sports analytics in recent decades has opened up a sea of different metrics to compare and contrast the likelihood of certain events. Tennis and football are both linear and consistent, in comparison to many other sports – with a large match volume and plenty of data to get stuck into, edges can be found. This is the worlds biggest bookie, with the most markets in the world.

To become a professional gambler, you cannot be obsessed just with the thought of money. While Negreanu and Ivey do love to gamble, they don’t see themselves as gamblers. This is both reassuring and it should raise a red flag. You should never feel too confident about your success when gambling. Benjamin Tucker “Parlay” Patzwas able to win $1 million out of parlays – a type of sports bet – just in a couple of months. Whether you’re into horses, like counting cards or get ahead by sports trading, there are various gambling professions to choose from.

It’s also a good idea not to seek after huge gains in the beginning, but rather try to build up your income over time. People bet on sports for a variety of different reasons. Some do it because they find it makes watching sports even more exciting, while others do it simply because they like the buzz that betting gives them. For some people it’s all about testing their sports knowledge while others enjoy trying to “beat the bookmakers.”

Although his background was in poker, Slim made most of his money and fame from making extremely risky bets on the race track. And it wasn’t just that he made risky bets, he also made sly bets which could easily be beaten with his own cunning and wit. And this didn’t just happen at the race track, Slim also took his wit and ingenuity to the pool table and to games of table tennis. Well you’ll be surprised to learn that Amarillo Slim died in 2012, at the age of 83. Becoming a professional gambler isn’t that difficult, however, joining the ranks of the most famous gamblers of all times is quite the feat.

He saw math as a form of problem solving, like discovering secrets. As he watched people bet on over/under he figured the odds in his head. The game was paying off even money for over and under seven, and 4-to-1 when the dice rolled seven exactly. He knew the odds were off, and it was a bad bet to play. But it got him thinking—the folks on the other side of that table, the ones taking bets from the players, they were going to make a killing.

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